Monday, April 28, 2014

Forward Thinking Friends...

While the racer has a much lower frontal area than a stock EX500, it still has a Cd range in common with farm implements. Streamlining could seriously add to the acceleration on the faster sections of the track without making any changes to the engine. But that isn't news, especially to Craig Vetter, who recently PhotoShopped streamlined bodywork on the racer.

Read more about it on Craig Vetter's website.

So when will that happen? Not this year. Approaching the corners even faster than I am now would not help my lap times at all, but that'll change with experience. And I am very optimistic about what a combination of experience, superior aerodynamics, and the new rear suspension (Currently being machined and fabricated) will do for improving lap times in 2015! And after that comes the really exotic racer! 

But first, there's the 2014 racing season, with the bike as it is. It isn't slowing me down; I'm slowing it down. The solution? Track time! 

I've never had more fun in my life...