Monday, December 10, 2012

Done and Running!

And we are finally ready for some track time!

Frequently Given Answers:
  • The race number has no deep meaning - it was just an available number.
  • The exhaust exits out the side, not to the rear - there are no "flaming butt" issues.
  • The steering axis is not parallel with the front fork - there's a virtual pivot at the hub.
  • The EX500 engine is internally stock.
  • The rear swingarm, vertical link, and drum brake are temporary - a more advanced system will be installed later.
  • NO street conversion or version is planned. Ever.
  • NO movie replica bodwork is planned. Ever.
  • The bodywork could be a lot more aerodynamic, but finished bodywork beats unfinished bodywork every time.  
  • 4 years construction time in a garden shed at a budget of under $1.00/day.
  • The donor bike cost $500.00 - the leftovers were sold for $600.00.
  • Having a full time job not even remotely related to the motorsport industry, younger and older children, internet connection, lack of money, etc... didn't stop this from getting built.
  • Work has started on the replacement rear suspension.
  • No, I'm not giving away any design or making advice. Nor am I asking for any.
  • 414 pounds ready to ride except fuel, 50/50 weight distribution with fuel and 150 pound rider. 74 inch wheelbase. Just over 4 inches of trail.